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Monday, November 4, 2013


" O mankind , indeed We have made you from a male and a female , and made ​​you nations and nation - tribes in order to know each other . Verily the noblest of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous . Surely Allah is Knower, Aware. " ( Surah Al - Hujuraat [ 49 ] : 13 ) .
Islamic Doctrine of compassion has long taught perfectly and beautifully . However , most of the people do not realize what the true meaning of love itself, so it can be stopped and deviate from the rules that have been spoken by God and the sayings of His Messenger . As the poem says , " mawaddatuhu taduumu likulli HAULIN , wa it kullun mawaddatuhu taduumu " , her affection ( humans ) are always conserved for all things scary , and whether each person is always eternal affection . ( Jawaahirul Balaaghah : 407 ) . This is because it is not intended merely because God does not serve as the charitable field even just to make a profit and worldly pleasures . not lead to a sense of affection , while compassion is a natural tendency that must be realized for others throughout life in this world there is , of course, in the corridors of Islam . This means that Islam does not care about time , distance , and place will be a good affection towards friends, friends , relatives , and his own family .
Prophet. said , " Man laa laa yarhaminnaasa yarhamhullaah " He who does not love man , God will not love her . (Transmitted by Turmudzi ) . In the tradition of love is not a Muslim against a Muslim brother alone , but for all mankind . Prophet. said , "Certainly not you believe before you love . " Messenger of Allah, " All of our compassionate , " they replied . Prophet said , "Compassion is not limited to love one of you to his friend ( believers ) , but the general ( for all mankind ) . " ( HR Ath - Thabrani ) . In fact , not only the teachings of Islam that a man has been taught how high affection for animals and plants are to be realized . Abu Bakr Siddiq r.a. never commanded the forces of Osama bin Zaid , "Do not kill women , the elderly , and small children . Nor should you neuter palm trees , and you do not cut the trees that bear fruit . If you come across people who are powerless , let them , do not you bother . " This piece of advice though in a state of war , Islam still exudes affection towards humans , animals , and plants . Another interesting story when Amr bin Ash conquer the cities of Egypt , when there came a dove on top of his tent .
Seeing this incident , then Amr bin Ash make for pigeon cage above his tent . When he refused to leave his camp , bird and the cage is still there . He did not want to bother him and left to live with the pigeon cage that he has made . Then the city was dubbed as the city fasthath ( camp ) .
It is clear that Islam upholds the affection. We should imitate the example of the Prophet . and his companions truly realize the meaning of love without limits , of course, to achieve the pleasure of Allah alone and not to seek worldly pleasures . Then it is appropriate to say that Islam as a religion rahmatan lil ' alamiin . Including the nature of love is a noble character who loved God . Instead God hates low morals . Of them to people who do not have a sense of compassion compassion . Reaffirmed the Holy Prophet . , Laa tunza'ur rahmatu illaa syaqiyyin min . Compassion is not removed but only from people wretched .(Transmitted by Ibn. Hibban ) .
What is meant by the wretched are those who do not have a sense of compassion in his heart for his own and others . This is where we need bermuhasabah , ponder , if this is correct themselves through life . How do we love and cherish God's creation as a noble character . " Verily Allah the most gracious , generous nature he loves , and he loves to hate a noble character and low morals . " ( HR Na'im through Ibn Abbas ra ) .
Love of God
Among the many people who love God and love , but more of a loving world . God's love is obligatory for the Muslims and the Moslem is not just say it. And if we truly love God sincerely, then the process of " compassion " for his creatures will be formed in our hearts . In addition , our identity as a Muslim would seem more sturdy and able to undergo Islamic sharia law - pleasing and blessed by Allah SWT . Love to God is the main thing , as a way to obtain the benefit of the world and the Hereafter by performing His commandments , away from His prohibitions . Love to God shall exceed the love of all that is manifest besides Allah . Love God is to love His Messenger , the apostle to follow all instructions to its fullest . Allah SWT says , " Say ( O Muhammad ) , ' If you ( really) love Allah , then follow me , Allah will love you and forgive you your sins . ' Allah is Oft-Forgiving , Most Merciful . " ( Surah Al 'Imran [ 3 ] : 31 ) . Behold , the Hereafter is better and life everlasting . Bishshawab Allaah knows best . ***


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