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Monday, November 4, 2013

Grateful pleasure

There was a father who for the umpteenth time to come to the house of Amalia . He told me that it is only God who is close to his heart became quiet . ' That's the joy of grateful ' he said . ' In the pressures of life make me seek God , even though I never get angry and leave Him , but God never left me . '
The first blow of receipt . Initially last year who loved his wife in the hospital when he was out of town for work tasks. Not long after his wife was called by Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala . Amid the grief she fell from the bathroom which makes lying in the hospital . Laid up for a month . Once it was working again , the leadership of the company he worked himself in layoffs . In seeking a new job , he tried to entrepreneurship but the effort was fruitless .
Until a nadir , the pain they experienced . screamed to myself ' Oh God , I could no longer. ' On that occasion he was listening to FM Radio Jakarta , then contact me and finally visited the House of Amalia . Not long after that he get a new job better than ever before . Now they know he is getting closer to Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala . ' I always miss Him because God's love light the way Mas Agus my life . ' he added .
---My friends , this prayer please aminkan ease in our efforts , " Allahuma rahmataka Arju ila fala takilni nafsi tharfata ' ain , wa ashlihli sya'ni kullahu , la ilaha illa anta , " O God , thy only love that I expected , so do not you have given my business to myself though but for a moment , and reform all my affair. there is no god but You . " ( Reported by Abu Dawud and Ahmad ) .


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