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Monday, May 27, 2013

Defendant Religious Harmony In Indonesia

Make life peaceful harmony, harmony creating a harmonious society, creating harmony and brotherhood and friendship eliminate hostility. Thus a brief message of harmony is often a theme in the dialogue, to convey tausiah muqadimah in each and so on.

But harmony was later reversed when it has entered the realm of religion and belief. Since when is it different beliefs, whether the conviction could not in force, whether the conviction can not be straightened out, and if there is a false belief. The Government has provided guidance in creating religious harmony, which were divided into three categories: internal religious harmony, inter-religious harmony and religious harmony with a government that is often called the tri religious harmony.
Of harmony that turned into a riot is often triggered by differences in the interpretation appreciate and practice the teachings of religion and belief. In the religion of Islam is particularly vulnerable to a difference of opinion, we recall the era of the 1980s the largest Islamic organizations in Indonesia, namely NU and Muhammadiyah often knock the manner in practice the teachings of Islam, such as the value of prayer, qunut prayer, pilgrimage grave, funeral ceremony and other. Issues such as these are often the consumption of the general public so that sparked the feud, the group considers itself the true and blame others, especially sophist who sometimes do not want to admit the truth conveyed by his debate opponent. This will end the enmity, even the act of spreading anarchy.
The two CBOs same ideology, the concept of the Godhead, prophetic and its holy book, then there was a religious maturity, that difference of opinion is a blessing. After two Islamic organizations can understand and accept as a religious organization that seeks to spread Islam as rahmatan lil 'alamin. Differences in the interpretation of Islamic teachings repeated against Ahmadiyah adherents of the ideology (Qodian), such as the riots that occurred in the religious background Cikeusik, Pandeglang, Banten. Riots on Friday, February 4, 2011 has subsided, but the heat back on Sunday, February 6, 2011, giving rise to the sacrifice of life. Common sense and religious instruction to switch to the instructions lust that leads to anarchy deeds.
Surely this unrest will continue to happen all the time, because religion is a fundamental human right that guaranteed freedom. So that even religious people never menajalankan religion in peluknya (eg Islam) when insulted his religion would revolt, and will defend their religion even if lives are at stake. Concrete examples that occurred in Cikeusik, Pandeglang, Banten, this is intensely religious. Juma'ah Ahmadiyya (Qodian) claim to be Muslims, but the concept of belief violate Islamic Convictions, which is where the concept of apostleship is not as taught Islam as their prophet was Mirza Ghulam Ahmad.
It is their belief, are they are our brothers (seen from Islamic symbols), because Muslims are bound by brotherhood Islamiyah, but why we are different Convictions. Where it came from conviction, who can make sure, whether that belief came abruptly or through the process. It is not easy to go back to the Qur'an and Sunnah Rasul when Muslims differ in opinions. Moreover, the belief has taken root and become religious dogma.Besides Muslims clash with Muslims, Muslims are still in conflict with the people of non-Muslim, with Christians in Waterford, cases of blasphemy and religious insult done by Anthony Rechmond Bawengan, who was born in Manado (North Sulawesi), who in his address on the ID card Urban Village Pondok Kopi, Duren Sawit, East Jakarta. Because he considers most correct beliefs and actions are correct that they forget the attitude of religious tolerance, even ignoring ethics and belief in spreading ajaraan.
When visiting the village where his brother in Contacts, District Kranggan Waterford County (October 23, 2010) religious broadcasting activities to people who have other faiths by spreading books whose content is sacrilege or blasphemy against Islam. The book is titled "Yes, my Lord I Deceived, Fooled Me", and "You Need a Sponsor."Excessive religious fanaticism are not aware of the risk that he will naturally entangled with the provisions of article 156 of the Criminal Code letter a (primary), and Article 156 of the Criminal Code (subsidiary). "The threat of penalties under that provision is imprisonment for 5 years". Besides the consequences for acts committed himself implications for government. The inter-religious issues resolved, when he was later arrested and handed over to police to institute legal proceedings. It turns out the court process ends with riots that led to the condition of disharmony in the life of society and religion, and the destruction of public facilities.
Whether the conviction could not in forceBelief in the concept of studying and practicing the teachings of Islam, in the back on the instructions of Allah through the Qur'an and hadith the Prophet Muhammad SAW. Differences in interpreting the Qur'an is something that is understandable with requirements in compliance with the rules as a commentator, skills and abilities. However it turns out the interpretation would be different, this difference is not to blame others but will complement each other in order to increase the repertoire Islamiyah, this is because it is based on the background, socio-cultural conditions for the commentators.
History proves the teachings of the prophet Abraham as the founder of monotheism, the belief gained through a long process by observing people's behavior and natural phenomena. Ibrahim said that the father and his people are in error (cf. QS.6 :74-79). Prophet Muhammad was sent to deliver a mercy to all the worlds, providing guidance to the straight path. Therefore, he was sent in the society of ignorance, Quraysh tribe has to have faith in the hereditary worship idols, with many receiving their perseverance Muhammad confidence. Friend of the apostles Umar bin Khatab gain confidence with guidance (comes with a sudden) while listening to the Quranic verse being read by Fatimah bin Khatab (his sister).
Exhilarating and tumultuous events of the Western world, that after Imam Khumaeni decreed the death penalty for Salman Rusdie author of The Satanic Verses. Western world uproar with the work and the urge arises to purchase the book. Western intellectuals who are bored with church dogmas critical thinking why Imam Khumaeni impose severe punishment. After reading The Satanic Verses, as a scientist who uphold ethics-free and objective thought they read and study the Qur'an, many of them are interested in Islam even converting to Islam (Imad Abdurrahim, PH. D, Islam Integrated Value Systems, p: 119 ).
By studying the Islamic era, and events in the life of society then right when MUI menghukumi Ahmadiyya as a heretical schools in 1980 and 2005. Although already in the state as a misguided ideology but remain steadfast that he is delivering the true doctrine. Therefore during Juma'ah Ahmadiyah still consider Mirza Ghulam Ahmad as the last apostle, this belief can not be accepted by the Muslims and it is not an Islamic organization. Therefore they are not included in the Muslim brothers bound by vows syahadataini, "Asyhadu anlaa ilaha illallah, wa anna Muhammadan Rasulullah asyhadu": I testify that there is no true God but Allah and I testify that Muhammad is the messenger of God.Thus spreading their ideology will certainly disturbing religious life and society which would further damage the joints of religious harmony. Religion according to the Javanese in calls ageman (clothing) which can create a beautiful, healthy, safe for the wearer and others, it will be something scary.
We can only hope that the dialogue forum will be held by the Ministry of Religious Affairs with the involvement of the Ahmadiyya, MUI, Islamic organizations nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) that have been paying attention to the existence of the group Qodian or Lahore. Therefore, when in fact they have the last prophet Mirza Ghulam Ahmad to remain intertwined existence brotherhood and protected by the laws of the Minister of Religious Affairs Suryadharma Ali was about to give four alternative that needs to consider, first to become a separate sect of Islam with the stripped attributes or both back to true Islamic teachings or accept all the teachings of Islam, the Ahmadiyya third left alive in Indonesia, the fourth was dissolved, and the other possibilities (Suara Merdeka, February 11, 2011).
Option is the last step, although the option is not going to satisfy all parties. But if we remember the history of the Republic of Indonesia, during the reign of President BJ Habibi never gives the option for last provinces namely East Timor. Option done as a final step for the future of East Timor remain or not to join the Republic of Indonesia including Indonesian territory. With the choice of East Timor became a sovereign nation and Homeland are not considered as occupiers.
So is the option that will be awarded on Ahmadiyah Juma'ah Juma'ah will determine the future and the government of Indonesia in an effort to protect the religious life and at the same time creating religious harmony. Hopefully before doing the dialogue so that all participants in the dialogue to forgive and ask for forgiveness for Juma'ah Ahmadiyya especially later deliberation. To further put my trust in the commitment to make a deal to keep the results of the dialogue (cf. Sura. 3: 159). We believe that God and religion because religion we carry out the instructions of God, for God is our faith in God because it's just us hope.
Therefore, when the defendant's religious harmony back necessary first steps internal religious development. As a mass organization leaders should always increase the total development for its members, which includes areas of theology, Shari'ah, and scientific morality has always been associated with Islam or Islamic associated with science, law and societal norms to avoid spliet personality. So that any practice of religion will add closeness to the Creator to further bring coolness in public life.Both optimize the function of the Forum for Religious Harmony (FKUB) as a forum that embodies the aspirations of all religious organizations in Indonesia. Therefore always establish communication among religious communities, with these activities will minimize everything that would damage religious harmony. The third government to always intense coaching in facilitating any activity inter-religious harmony. Because one of the efforts to create harmony and peace is when the scholars 'and umaro' running simultaneously.


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