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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Application for Social Assistance Fund Education

The Dear Colleague,
We Falahul Hud Mojoagung foundation expects funding for the education of children in the Foundation, as we accommodate children who are less able to be able to continue their education, the Foundation is engaged in either education elementary education, middle, and upper middle, whereas in this region is very low due to weak economic community education. Here the majority of the population work as farmers and agricultural laborers. we are engaged in the field of education which aims to improve the welfare of the community in the future, the lack of funding from the parents and we pray to the benevolent benefactor.

Submit Letter:
Address: Yayasan Falahul Huda Mojoagung
                 Majasem Mojoagung District Plantungan
                 Kendal Code Pos 51362 INDONESIA

Phone Number : +6285727441803

Transfer money:
Name of Bank: BRI Branch Kendal Indonesia
On behalf of: Yayasan Falahul Huda Mojoagung
No.. Rek: 0034-01-003134-53-2

Thanks for the help, hope to ease the burden of our proteges.


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