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Saturday, January 25, 2014

CONCEPT OF WORSHIP IN ISLAM ( division of types of worship )

CONCEPT OF WORSHIP IN ISLAM ( division of types of worship )

* 1 . CONCEPT OF WORSHIP IN ISLAM Introduction Human life on earth is not a life that has no purpose and matlamat and they are not allowed to do anything to follow the will of the feelings and desires without any limits and responsibilities . But the creation of human beings on this earth is to have a purpose and task treatise that has been determined and established by the Lord God who created it . Duties and responsibilities of humans actually have real and so clear as contained in the Koran namely the task of conducting worship devoted to God and his duty as a caliph within the meaning mentadbir and take care of this earth to follow the laws of God and His laws . Word of Allah . meaning : "And I'm not created the jinn and man to worship ( worship ) to me " . ( Az - Zaariyaat : 56 ) Allah 's Word . mean : " It is He who made ​​you caliphs ( rulers ) in the earth , and He is exalted above sebahagian you sebaha - gian ( others ) some darjat to test you on what is given you ." ( al - An'am : 165 ) Assignment as the caliph of God is the prosperity of the earth with mentadbir and take care of the rules and laws of God . The task of self- worship and serve God in order to carry out all the maintenance aktiviti this earth that is not expelled from the guide line that comes from God Almighty . and do all the maintenance activities you indulge it with a feeling of sincere search for happiness the world and the Hereafter , and Allah calmness . Allah swt . has been providing guide lines straight and proper to man in order to maintaining it . God with a sense of affection to humans bersangatan lowered the apostles and revealed with guidelines with the goal of man should take care of themselves
* 2 . them to process more robust and aimed so that people can live prosperous world and the hereafter . Understanding Worship worship sentence than the sentence ` Abdun come ' . Worship in terms of language bererti submissive , obedient , loyal , submissive, and will serve to worship something . In terms of the term Islam is also action , according to , follow and commit ourselves fully to every case that is prescribed by God and called by His Apostles , he shaped the same no messengers or prohibition . Ibn Taimiah also give takrif Worship , namely the name for something that is liked and loved by Allah . Commandments of God and His Messenger is let fulfilled with full conscious feelings , love and love to God , not you indulge forced or another of cintakan you indulge him . The Prophets and Messengers of Allah are servants of the best and was always execute with full perfection of worship where each direction of his Lord , they comply with the full feeling of love and affection and calmness expect from his Lord . They became the best example of us all in every work and practice as recommended by the Koran itself. Word of Allah . meaning : " Sesungghnya for you , what is the Prophet himself was the best example " . ( al - Ahzab : 21 ) Sesetengah scholars say bahawa bondage ( worship ) to Allah let accompanied by feelings of love and fear Allah . and liver and prosperous counsel did not feel something sweeter , more LaZat , more sexy than the sweetness of faith is born of devotion ( worship ) to Allah . With this it will be bertautlah his heart to God in a state of likes and subsides
* 3 . to each command and expect that God will accept the deeds done and feel indecisive and afraid that the practice is not perfect and is not accepted by God as stated in His word -meaning : " ( He 's ) Oran who fear God , Most Gracious he was invisible ( to him ) and he comes up with the heart repent " . ( Qaf : 33 ) Those who enslave him ( worship ) to God they would was always obedient and subservient to the will and direction of his Lord , the same is in the case that he liked or what he did not like and they love and love Allah and His Messenger more than others . They love the creatures of God but a mere you indulge , do not you indulge others kasihkan the Prophet. He also brings his deep Islamic treatise , cintakan the Prophet. sunahnya ought to follow as the word of Allah . means : " Say ( O Muhammad ) in case you kasihkan Allah then follow me ( my teaching ) nescaya Allah will love you and forgive your sins " . ( Al - Imran : 31 ) And suppose that you love to other than Allah and His Messenger were overcome and exceed kencintaan and love for others ; Allah will send down His keseksaan to deviate from the man who has his provisions . Word of Allah . means : " Say (O Muhammad ) if you parents , your children , brothers mara ye , ye spouses , the families you , treasures you try , you bimbangkan commercial losses , and households do you like the more you love than Allah and His Messenger , and strive to
* 4 . the religion of Allah , then wait ( kesiksaan to be imported ) by God . And Allah does not give guidance to the wicked " . ( At- Tawbah : 24 ) Worship scope and relation to the life described in the above sec- worship is obvious that it is not as narrow as what is understood by the party of the man who can not understand the perfection of Islam itself where on their assumption that Islam is only a perbicaraan article hereafter ( dead ) and do some kind of worship persendirian no more than that . So also when called worship what is depicted are the mosques , prayer mats , fasting , mosque , tahlil , reading the Koran , prayer , remembrance , and so on around the narrow namely interfaith understanding special devotions and rituals sake only not more than that . Kefahaman like this is a result of the attacks that have been rooted fahaman Secular bulbs into the soul of the party of Muslims . Islam is a complete way of life and perfect , which merangkumi all areas of the world and the life hereafter , where the world is a plant or field results and benefits will be reaped and enjoyed the day hereafter . Worship in Islam covers all the affairs of life that have alloys close in all field of life world and the hereafter , there is no separation between the work of searching for life on this earth and its relationship with the afterlife reply . Islam teaches us all what also deeds done by humans no reply equal value and there is a reward or punishment . This is the beauty of Islam is called a complete ad- Deen as a system of life which should give welfare adherents in the world and in the hereafter . In other words, any practice or work that brings benefits to individuals and society as long as he does not bercanggah with Syarak them if he meets the terms , as is done with his deep sincerity
* 5 . God is not merely looking for his deep interest and no intention of looking for the name and expects a reply from the man or want praise and adulation of the flesh, and such deeds-deeds will be rewarded becoming worship Allah Almighty in the hereafter , insya' - God . Based on the concept of worship that aid works better then any others such as helping the sick , please merengankan burden and hardship of others, fulfill needs, helping the persecuted , teaching and guiding people who are ignorant of worship . Also included within the meaning of worship is every act , word zahir and inner man and diredai favored by Allah . True talk , obey your parents , trust , keeping promises , berakata true , fulfilling the needs of others is iabadah . Studying, court told kindness and prevent all evil , jihad , bring relief to our fellow human beings and to animals , praying , fasting , praying , reading the Koran all it also is party of worship . So also included in the definition of love to worship Allah and His Messenger , to implement the laws of God , patiently receive exams , thankful receive favors , subsides to qadha ' and His Qadar and many more events and human actions are included in the field of worship . In conclusion , the scope of worship in Islam is too too broad merangkumi all kinds of deeds and the symbols of Islam from the smallest matters such as how to eat , drink and go ketandas hinggalah work attenuate pentadbiran kewangan and everything is in a state of meaning and understanding of worship in the artikata wide when everything was done according to the best manners and regulations and fulfill its terms .
* 6 . Worship As A Means Hablu minallah and Habu minannas Each of worship in Islam , whether it is prayer , paying zakat , fasting implement , and perform the Hajj , has two dimensions . First , religious activities intended to fulfill the obligations or summons of Allah, in order hablum minallah . Second , worship is performed by the servant of God has social implications . The second dimension suggests the implications hablum minallah to hablum minannas . In dimension obligations , prayers ( five times ) , paying zakat , fasting , and Hajj is obligatory worship ( fardlu ' ayn ), meaning that every Muslim must perform the rituals , except Hajj ; Hajj is obligatory for a Muslims who can afford to fulfill. In Islam , worship prayers are very important . Because of the critical importance of prayer , the prayer is seen as a religious tiyang . Prayer , worship outlined as capable of preventing Muslims from indecency and evil , has a social dimension , among other things , educate mankind to apply democratic . When conducting worship or praying in the mosque prayer rooms , among Muslims there is no distinction : there is no difference between the rich and the poor , subordinates and superiors , the elite and the common people and so on . Someone who came to the earliest mushalla or mosque to pray , he has the right to put myself at the forefront. Further social implications can be drawn from a Muslim back to the middle of the community , he would prioritize or attention to the rights of others rather than the rights it has. This means that he will not feel selfish ; smart he will not feel alone ; she will not feel completely alone , he crowded ing gawe selfless ( no corruption and manipulation , because these two actions lead to making something that is not a right ) , and so on .
* 7 . Similarly , fasting also educate the Muslims for not berpurba thought ( prejudice ) , not doing distinction ( discrimination ) , and the like against fellow human beings . It is based on one element of fasting is hunger and thirst . Feelings of hunger and thirst are daily problems faced by poor people , but not be a problem for people to be . At some level , someone who comes from a group of people are going to be able to feel what is perceived by his brothers who were below the poverty line , which is the feeling of hunger and thirst . It is , in fact , taught mankind to not berpurbasangka , discrimination or discrimination towards fellow beings . Social implications emitted by worship zakat could arise from the wisdom of fasting . Such diketehui and felt that every person who is fasting must have experienced hunger and thirst . With his own experience how it feels hunger and thirst during fasting that , then those , say , of the richer trained to feel the pain of hunger and thirst as experienced by a group of poor - poor in their daily lives . This teaching is expected to cause a sense of compassion and the nature of the trustees of the rich against the poor . At times after fasting , it is expected that the rich of their own volition will always lend a hand , provide help and assistance , both material and non - material . The assistance can be infag , alms and zakat ( material ) and the advice , encouragement and the like ( non - material ) . In civic life , this teaching outlines to the holders of the power to direct all policies ( economic , political , and social culture , and so on ) in the interest of the people, especially the poor , not for the sake of the underprivileged to find popularity in order to maintain their power . Social implications that glows in the Hajj , among others , is the creation of the brotherhood of fellow Muslims from all over the world and
* 8 . as well as a remarkable symbols of Islam . Every pilgrimage season arrives ,a large number of Muslims from all over the world flocked to the holy land to perform the pilgrimage . Moment of the pilgrimage can be used as symbols of Islam and at the same time as a means to establish brotherhood among Muslims worldwide . After the pilgrimage , a Muslim can take advantage of moments of worship that have implemented it as a starting point for developing a rope brotherhood with fellow Muslims , the people in his homeland compatriots better . Hajj , as stated by Ustadz Fauzan worship Abidin is intended to purify oneself of : dirt outward , bathiniah dirt , grime and dirt of social thought . ( Radar Banjarmasin , January 31 ) . A Muslim who has made ​​the hajj means in question has met the five pillars of Islam . He is a Muslim who has been purified of all impurities such as described by Ustadz . When worship within the framework hablum minallah have social implications ( hablum Minnas ) are positive , and if both values ​​contained therein inscribed rigorously and integrated within a Muslim and continuously implemented in the society , nation and the state then Insha God means that he is a believer , Muslim and at the same muhsin . In Islam , human relations ( hablum minannas ) are guided through worship ( hablum minallah ) has arranged very neatly . Within the framework of human relations , Islam outlines a pattern of Muslim brotherhood ( brotherhood al - Islamiyah al muslimu akhul on the basis of Muslims ) , the nation fellow fraternity ( brotherhood al - wathaniyah ) , and human brotherhood ( brotherhood al - basyariyah ) . In this case , the believers , Muslims and muhsinin who have fulfilled the five pillars of Islam ( not just to the five pillars of Islam ) became our hope to be a pioneer in implementing the teachings
* 9 . God Almighty , that : " Islam is a mercy for all the worlds " , which in addition to still run commands and prohibitions of Allah SWT away , socially they will always , among other things , preserve , harmony , harmony on this earth . Dominance in the positive sense , for example , we can see in Islam where human relations ( hablum minannas ) has been arranged so neatly that the domination of the majority , powerful , wealthy , influential or the like should be made into a positive thing and please Allah SWT In the Islamic view , a person or group of persons whose dominant , powerful , wealthy , or powerful could have done but must be within the framework of domination to protect or protect others weak . The rich who are economically dominant party should protect or nurture the poor by giving alms , donation , charity , work , or the like . In the world of the working relationship between employers and workers in Islam does not have implications for employer domination of labor , as implied by the model class system of capitalism . As described above , the pattern outlined Islam Muslim brotherhood , brotherhood among the citizens of the nation , and human brotherhood . Thus if the Muslims became the dominant force then there is no reason for them to do the oppression , suppression , intimidation , deprivation of rights or the like against other groups or minorities weak . Therefore , Islam suggests that all human beings on this earth , regardless of flavor , ethnic and religious , are brothers . In the Islamic view , if there is dominance that leads to oppression , intimidation , coercion , deprivation of rights and the like , means there there is also a denial of the teachings of Islam that : " Islam is a mercy for all the worlds " , and the nature of man as God Almighty , which among others, to preserve , harmony , harmony on this earth
* 10 . Relationship of Faith and Charity Faith is not merely a belief and justification in the heart of what is brought by Prophet Muhammad . but the essentials of faith and truth is merangkumi justification and belief in the heart, the tongue and the pronunciation in carrying out the practice with limbs namely doing pious deeds , then with this it can be understood that faith is not just belief in the words of tongue and liver sake only , but the practice is as evidence perfection , constancy and steadiness of a person's faith . Imam al - Ghazali explains in this connection by saying, " Faith is faith , word and deed " . With the meaning of faith as justifying and mepercayai carefully to everything that was brought by the Prophet Muhammad . ( things that are easy ( dharuri ) of religion ) . The words are a pledge and recognition with spoken words and deeds are a charity carry out the commandments with members ( birth weight ) . Holy Prophet . confirmed the very close relationship between faith and charity . with his saying as follows : Word of the Prophet. meaning : " Faith is more than sixty branches , the most high La - ilaha - illallaah and most low and remove waste from the middle of the road " . ( HRBukhari ) This Hadith clearly states littering act as a party of faith . It was clear bermkna faith is not just belief and confidence in the heart but he also merangkumi charity or human actions . Distribution Worship To facilitate discussion and debate us in connection with this service , ulamak - Islamic ulamak membahagikan worship to two Courant
* 11 . as follows : 1 . Special worship 2 . General Worship Worship is all practice specifically listed in the chapter of al - Ibadaat which is the main prayer , fasting , zakat and hajj . Public worship also is every practice and every human action as well as motion - geri in their life activities that meet the following requirements :1 ) practice was done was recognized by Syarak and in accordance with Islam .2 ) the practice was not bercanggah with Shari'a , not unjust , treacherous and so on3 ) The practice was done with sincere intentions solely keranaAllah swt . no ripple , and um'ah ujub .4 ) Let a practice was done with the best5 ) When doing the deed does not neglect or ignore kewajipan special worship such as prayer and so on . Word of Allah . meaning : " Men are not neglected them by trade or purchase of remembrance of Allah , establish worship and they were afraid of the charity issued a day ( that day ) and vision care becomes jiggle " . ( An - Nur : 37 )
Practice - practice was that Not Being Seen Worship of the terms above , appeared to us that something deeds done by a person so it is very difficult to achieve perfection in the sense of the meaning of worship in truth follow the terms and conditions mentioned above , by that we ought earnestly seek our practice in order to achieve the perfect worship matlamat by refining all its terms . And we let was always researching and follow with great attention
* 12 . indeed that we are not fooled by our own deeds ; think we have a lot to carry out acts of worship perfectly but not essentially so , we fear will belong to the group of people who were deceived and wasted our practice and what we can just tired and tired . It's you indulge us and do deeds of virtue work was not kept and not selari with the provisions and requirements of worship and pious deeds are dikehandkki it . Of it besides we implement all the deeds Zahir perfectly follow the instructions of the Prophet. what is more important is that we fix the mind namely the practice of careful practice so well with the sincere intention namely , the practice was solely his deep that you indulge no other God than Him . And we also let our hearts was always keeping the sincerity of the diseases that may merusakannya like ripples , ujub , sum'ah , arrogant and so on . Conclusion easily is a man who wears clothes to cover the nakedness of silk cloth , and women who dress covering her body but still reveals her implant was again not called worship , or donate with a goal to be praised and held as a philanthropist or a diligent prayer with intention that the purpose of worship was held as a human expert , and this is all included in the meaning of worship are not accepted by Allah . Thus it is clear to us all that practice does not meet the above requirements it is not mistaken for worship . Intent and purpose and matlamat is very important in practice in addition to practice something that is not recognized by the bercanggah and Islamic law . Matalamat and Purpose of Worship As we know and understand bahawa the sending humans into this world nothing else but to serve ( will serve ) to al - Khaliq , the Creator God and also we have to know the sense of worship bahawa
* 13 . Islam merangkumi in all areas of practice in human life . And here arises the question of why we serve and worship God, whether matlamat worship it ? Is there any benefit to him or what may avail found by someone who worshiped his servant ? Jawapannya is bahawa Allah . Most Holy and Most High does not get any benefit from the obedience of people who worship him and do not give the slightest harm from the reluctance of those who oppose and engkar to His command . So also does not add power majesty of his governance by those who praise Him praise and do not diminish the majesty of his power by the people keengkaran mengengkari his command . It kerana Allah is Rich and have everything you indulge all that is in this universe belongs to Him alone while we humans are one of God's many creatures , the human creature is too small , and the abject poor , deprived and was always hunger and need him . Allah , He is the Lord Most Gracious , Most Venerable , Most Merciful and Giving is to all His creatures , and He does not tell us to do something that matters , but the good of the creature itself . Word of Allah . meaning : " Verily We have kurniakan wisdom ( science ) to Luqman so that he is thankful to God and thankful Anybody , in fact he avail himself grateful Dagi and Anybody who dissenter , Truly God is Rich again Praiseworthy " . ( Luqman : 12 ) From that we subject needs to be grateful for all the blessings and kurniaan Allah . to us all where we want menghitugnya in case we certainly can not afford to do so , so great and the number of God's gift to us all as His creatures .
* 14 . Kelazatan Kelazatan bermunajat and Obey God 's worship can be drawn from some of the events that apply to the king of the Prophet. the friends , and the Solihin tabi'in , kelazatan will arise if the servant relationship with God that is so closely and in which a slave is so excited and so happy to praise the greatness of Allah . This all applies by reason of its makrifat ( kenalnya ) was one servant to his Lord so that slave felt homesick when he can not face his Lord , and his deep feeling restless unable to meet with the loved and beloved . B as well as if a servant had a little trouble surely he would complain to the place that can receive complaints and should resolve problems and misery . There is no decent place to do so , but the Supreme Court and Sovereign . Word of Allah . means : " Indeed, We know bahawa sake thou ( Muhammad ) was grieved by what they say then you shall glorify and praise your Lord be from among those who bow down and worship your Lord so worship arrive kepadmu cases remain ( namely death ) " . ( Al - Hijr : 97-99 ) So also at the time of the believers he got the gift so grateful praise to Allah . Word of Allah . meaning : " When Allah's help and victory came ( opening of Makkah ) and you see the human flock enter the religion of Allah swt . then recite the rosary with praise of your Lord and ask for His forgiveness , indeed He liked to accept the repentance " . ( an- Nasr : 1-4 )
* 15 . Worship Only To God In essence devotion to God Almighty . is an essential freedom , the path to reach the ketuannan true , it is God who must liberate his deep human conscience from servitude to any creature and gave him his freedom from bondage and humiliation , and subject to other than God as subject to false Gods , idols , selalunya human subjugate and dominate human beliefs with a vengeance miskipun at birth they act as free and independent hosts . Servitude to God 's liberating than the slavery of human beings you indulge in the human heart there is a real purpose to God , to the God in which he relies on him and tried and worked to achieve his calmness . If it is not God that is worshiped Almighty will surely man groping worshiped God assortment of each object and imaginary objects that exist in the thinking and who are around them . There is no manner of work for the most noble , intelligent person other than the worship worship the God who created it and made ​​himself the job as well as possible and that at worst to a man it also is menafi and deny Allah and His Messenger then they worship and devote themselves to God other than Allah . A servant of servants who obey his master will surely feel happy and excited his deep he knows what he likes and perfected by his master messengers came with all pleasure and refined as well as possible . When a slave owned by a few people always bertelingkah masters among them, that a servant told it to do something ditegah by others , then it would be difficult and misery that tersebu servant to the Lord's commandments conflicting
* 16 . command of the Lord God among others . If people who worship other than Allah become idolaters ( pagan - caused he did shirk ) , then that's also the arrogant become idolaters ( those Shirk ) , Pharaoh as his deep pride and takaburnya , as the word of Allah . bermaksudnya : " Prophet Moses . said : "I seek refuge in my Lord and your Lord than the actions of people who do not believe the arrogant Calculations " , so God meterikan every person's heart again bermaharajalela arrogant " . ( al - A'raf : 27 ) study showed the greater hubris bahawa someone who is reluctant to be subject and obedient worship ( serve yourself ) to God , the greater kesyirikannya with God , the more you indulge in the habit of not Want arrogant to worship Allah increaseth more human pergantungan the creature who loves being the main idol of the heart ; such they would be idolatrous to make himself the servant because ( worship ) to other than Allah . Liver or human beliefs will not be separated from bondage to creatures unless they make the truth of God as his Lord and true , there is no god to be worshiped but Allah , there is no place to rely and ask for help rather than his , but not feel happy with what she likes and diredai His , not but what he hated hated by God , he is not hostile unless the people of God against him , he does not love but the person who in the love of God , he did not give unless you indulge his God and not God forbid unless you indulge . The more sincere a person 's sincerity to God the more perfect ubudiyahnya ( perhambaanya ) to God and apart from pergantungannya to fellow creatures , perfectly ubudiyahnya to God then completed the sanctity of nature shirk .
* 17 . Interests Should Not Be Used as Destination World Worship Not at all according to the Islamic holy purpose where the purpose or the benefit of the world become matlamat in practice or worship a person , or the interests of avail - profit world or the world to drive a person to do the commandment of worship to Allah . So also if the purpose of charity and worship to Allah . to get to the sanctity of life and can wander into the realm of spirits and can see angels and can do something extraordinary , got sacred ( glory ) and science ladunni . All this is denied by the ulamak by saying, " Such is expelled rather than the way of worship , he is a divination to science or supernatural matters , even going to be the worship of God as the path to where the direction so that ultimately more nearly to death worship .

Islam Brings Peace "For All Natural"

Islam Brings Peace "For All Natural" In ancient times, people go through life with as they pleased, although often times what they were doing harm to others and even himself. When the man was still in the days of ignorance, where human beings still believe there is no god but Allah, and often engage in immoral acts like adultery.
In those days there were no rules (laws - laws) are good, so the damage and rampant crime where - where. Among the damage and evil that humans often do when it is: murder, theft, robbery, gambling, adultery and many others.
Damage and rampant crime has been committed by all the men at the time, ranging from farmers, traders, businessmen, community leaders to government officials, all have done the damage and evil, so that nobody else can fix the situation. They have been accustomed to a culture undergoing decay and crime, so they are more difficult to leave the bad habits and consequently human life when it gets messed up.
In the middle - the middle of the chaos was born a child of Arab descent that time, the child was called Muhammad by people - people around him. In his childhood, the child Muhammad have become accustomed to the conditions of deprivation, left mother and father, even her beloved grandfather went away leaving. In those days - the time of Muhammad small illiterate, live their lives independently, from herding sheep, being an employee, up to the adult to become an entrepreneur. At that moment Allah. show his power, Muhammad was illiterate appointed by Allah. as the prophets and apostles, to bring the gospel preaching grace (forgiveness) from Allah. and eject people from chaotic life because of damage and crime.
Various signs - a sign of the prophethood of Muhammad has emerged since he was a kid, until one day in the cave Hira ', he received the revelation (Qur'an) from Allah first. as prophetic signs have begun. Furthermore prophet Muhammad. still receive revelation - revelation (Qur'an) is the other, and all the revelation that he received into panduang for man to live a life, to get to safety and ridlo Allah.
At the beginning of the decline of the Qur'an, many people are still struggling to understand the content of the message - the message that is in the Qur'an, the Prophet Muhammad SAW. to explain through the word of his companions or humans who want mengetahi content of the message - the message in the Qur'an. Sayings (sunnah) of the Prophet Muhammad's companions serve as an explanation Koran. In the chaotic conditions of life at that time, the presence of the prophet Muhammad. a hope for mankind, obtain a better life according taught in the religion of Islam. The Qur'an and Sunnah as guidance for the safety of Islam. Every problem that arises in life, people refer to al quran islam and ask the prophet Muhammad, so get the best answer and beneficial to each problem.
Allah. is the one - the only substance that creates the world and its contents. Humans, animals, plants, inanimate objects and the jinns are creatures of Allah .. All creations creatures were created to live side by side with each task - each of which has been determined by Allah .. Allah has set the rules - the rules of life for all its inhabitants, all the rules contained in the Qur'an as the holy book of Islamic ummah. Each of the existing rules in the Qur'an brings goodness and deliver salvation to every creature which implement the rules - the rules correctly and confidently.
At the beginning of the spread of the religion of Islam a lot of obstacles and threats to halt the prophet Muhammad in Islam as a religion spread rahmatan lil alamin, and the condition that lasts until today. Islam religion islam teaches people to love all creatures of Allah .. In every activity of life Islam has always taught his flock to be fair, gentle and respect the rights - the right of the ummah or other creatures, it is a form of Islam as a religion of mercy for all the worlds. Many of the stories - stories that prove that Islam is a religion that give love to every creature. Start the story of a blind old Jewish beggar who is always insulting the prophet Muhammad, the prophet Muhammad but even beggars eat regular feed without the beggars know who to feed, until the story of a Bedouin who urinated in the mosque, and some companions of the Prophet wanted to stop and scold The Bedouin people, but the prophet Muhammad told his companions to wait for the completion Bedouin urinated and clean it and teach new people the Bedouin manners - manners in the mosque with a gentle manner. In a sorry tale of angels delivered the prophet Muhammad who always insulted and hurt by the infidels, so angelic prophet asked permission to raise one of the mountains and menimpakannya on the infidels who always insulted and hurt him, but the truly noble prophet Muhammad, he prohibit angels do and actually pray for people - the person to be sober. That part of the story - the story of the inspiration for us to always act with gentleness in each of our activities, as proof that Islam as a religion that brings mercy to all the worlds.
It was glorious ahlak - ahlak taught Islam, Islam teaches kindness and compassion in his community so that it becomes a mercy to all the worlds.

Monday, November 4, 2013


" O mankind , indeed We have made you from a male and a female , and made ​​you nations and nation - tribes in order to know each other . Verily the noblest of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous . Surely Allah is Knower, Aware. " ( Surah Al - Hujuraat [ 49 ] : 13 ) .
Islamic Doctrine of compassion has long taught perfectly and beautifully . However , most of the people do not realize what the true meaning of love itself, so it can be stopped and deviate from the rules that have been spoken by God and the sayings of His Messenger . As the poem says , " mawaddatuhu taduumu likulli HAULIN , wa it kullun mawaddatuhu taduumu " , her affection ( humans ) are always conserved for all things scary , and whether each person is always eternal affection . ( Jawaahirul Balaaghah : 407 ) . This is because it is not intended merely because God does not serve as the charitable field even just to make a profit and worldly pleasures . not lead to a sense of affection , while compassion is a natural tendency that must be realized for others throughout life in this world there is , of course, in the corridors of Islam . This means that Islam does not care about time , distance , and place will be a good affection towards friends, friends , relatives , and his own family .
Prophet. said , " Man laa laa yarhaminnaasa yarhamhullaah " He who does not love man , God will not love her . (Transmitted by Turmudzi ) . In the tradition of love is not a Muslim against a Muslim brother alone , but for all mankind . Prophet. said , "Certainly not you believe before you love . " Messenger of Allah, " All of our compassionate , " they replied . Prophet said , "Compassion is not limited to love one of you to his friend ( believers ) , but the general ( for all mankind ) . " ( HR Ath - Thabrani ) . In fact , not only the teachings of Islam that a man has been taught how high affection for animals and plants are to be realized . Abu Bakr Siddiq r.a. never commanded the forces of Osama bin Zaid , "Do not kill women , the elderly , and small children . Nor should you neuter palm trees , and you do not cut the trees that bear fruit . If you come across people who are powerless , let them , do not you bother . " This piece of advice though in a state of war , Islam still exudes affection towards humans , animals , and plants . Another interesting story when Amr bin Ash conquer the cities of Egypt , when there came a dove on top of his tent .
Seeing this incident , then Amr bin Ash make for pigeon cage above his tent . When he refused to leave his camp , bird and the cage is still there . He did not want to bother him and left to live with the pigeon cage that he has made . Then the city was dubbed as the city fasthath ( camp ) .
It is clear that Islam upholds the affection. We should imitate the example of the Prophet . and his companions truly realize the meaning of love without limits , of course, to achieve the pleasure of Allah alone and not to seek worldly pleasures . Then it is appropriate to say that Islam as a religion rahmatan lil ' alamiin . Including the nature of love is a noble character who loved God . Instead God hates low morals . Of them to people who do not have a sense of compassion compassion . Reaffirmed the Holy Prophet . , Laa tunza'ur rahmatu illaa syaqiyyin min . Compassion is not removed but only from people wretched .(Transmitted by Ibn. Hibban ) .
What is meant by the wretched are those who do not have a sense of compassion in his heart for his own and others . This is where we need bermuhasabah , ponder , if this is correct themselves through life . How do we love and cherish God's creation as a noble character . " Verily Allah the most gracious , generous nature he loves , and he loves to hate a noble character and low morals . " ( HR Na'im through Ibn Abbas ra ) .
Love of God
Among the many people who love God and love , but more of a loving world . God's love is obligatory for the Muslims and the Moslem is not just say it. And if we truly love God sincerely, then the process of " compassion " for his creatures will be formed in our hearts . In addition , our identity as a Muslim would seem more sturdy and able to undergo Islamic sharia law - pleasing and blessed by Allah SWT . Love to God is the main thing , as a way to obtain the benefit of the world and the Hereafter by performing His commandments , away from His prohibitions . Love to God shall exceed the love of all that is manifest besides Allah . Love God is to love His Messenger , the apostle to follow all instructions to its fullest . Allah SWT says , " Say ( O Muhammad ) , ' If you ( really) love Allah , then follow me , Allah will love you and forgive you your sins . ' Allah is Oft-Forgiving , Most Merciful . " ( Surah Al 'Imran [ 3 ] : 31 ) . Behold , the Hereafter is better and life everlasting . Bishshawab Allaah knows best . ***

Live in this world and the Hereafter is Just As The Eternal Eternal

Praise be to Allah , the Lord of all the worlds . Blessings and greetings for the noble lord Prophet Muhammad SAW family and the friends and followers of the king obey constancy to the Day of Resurrection .God blessed companions ,How crowded human being delirious . How crowded human being broken . How crowded humans can not be grateful . Derhaka how crowded and treacherous human being . They forget the purpose of his life when in the world and only pursue pleasures of the world . Pursued world will end . Where humans live . Place adores human enjoyment . Everything becomes futile .Life in the world is a game and a joke . Sometimes win , sometimes lose . Thick and turns. Happy is a deceptive pleasure , sadly a temporary misery . That's called life in the mortal realm . Quite different from the true and eternal life in the hereafter . Whoever is happy, then he will be forever happy ( Ya Allah , we insert into this category ) . Whoever suffers , then he will suffer forever ( na'udzu billahi zalik min ) .The Quran mentions bahawa life in the world is no more just fooling around and joke alone :Word of God means : " And the life of this world , apart from playing games and sheer amusement . And indeed the abode of the Hereafter is better for those who fear Allah . Ye then no sense? " ( Surah Al - An'am verse 32 )His words that mean again : " And the life of this world but amusement and play . And verily, the Hereafter that is the real life , if they only knew . " ( Surah Al - Ankabut paragraph 64 )Word of God means : " The life of the world is but play and amusement . And if ye believe and fear Allah , Allah will give reward unto you, and He will not ask for wealth - wealth. " ( Surah Muhammad verse 36 )If you tasted hardships and face many Problems of living in this world , do not despair and disappointment kerana Allah SWT is dependent on the place and a place full of hope . Pray earnestly to Him .Said the Prophet Sallallahu ' Alaih Wa Sallam : "The prayer of one who is suffering ( deep sadness ) is : " O God , I hope your blessings , do not you have given all my business to myself though blink of an eye , correct all my affairs , there is no god worthy of worship besides you . " (Abu Dawud )Venerable companions ,In this life there are terraced on the pleasures of the world . Berlumba human - dolphin chasing , until exhausted , and he was exhausted , and his life fell , only directed pursue pleasures of the world . There's no real pleasure . Enjoyment of human wants in life is pleasure that everything is just an illusion . Delusion of human nature that has become his life just for pleasure and splendor .Know , verily the greatest pleasure and greatest , namely fully dirasai pleasure in the Hereafter. Hereafter pleasure that will bring slaves to the eternal glory . then , essentially a believer , do not pursue pleasures of the world , who do not have any benefits, but little sake only , compared to enjoy the same glory with Allah Azza Wa Jalla .There is no meaning kelazatan world of pleasure and its contents , which may make people forget and get drunk , so carried away with the life of the world . Human life that the world was already drunk , become prostrate , bow , and worship just to satisfy the pleasures of the world .Just the believers , who deserve a real pleasure , which will reward kerana dikurniakan by Allah the Lord of all worlds, was always flowing , when they are eating , drinking , dressing , sleeping , awake , and in perkahwinannya , and all their charity solely directed to His get subsides . Not looking subsides besides Him . Moreover , just wanted to get subsides to other humans , which can give pleasure world . That's not the essential nature of believers .Believers longing just to delight in the faith , worship , longing only to Allah Azza Wa Jalla . Behold , behold the pleasures of the world , it will always hereafter preclude someone get pleasure and even drove him to seksa hell . Man who thought his life to the pleasures of the world , eventually making possessions , rank , power , and creatures , as well as various forms of idols , god -like , into the direction and purpose of their lives . As if all that exists , is able to give pleasure to the man who is eternal . Therefore, when Hereafter they revile and blame each other .Allah SWT says in the Qur'an which means : " And their friends from among people say: 'Oh my God , we have each other to get pleasure , and now the time has been set for you we have come . ' God says . ' The Fire places you forever , except if Allah wills else . ' Verily , your Lord is All-Wise , All-Knowing . And thus did We make most of the people who do wrong it be a friend to others because what they earn . " ( Surah al - An'am verse 128-129 ) .The delights and pleasures of people who do evil and vile is istidraj ( gift than Allah in a state of anger Him ) , given by God Almighty so that they feel seksa heavier and they will be forbidden to taste the greatest pleasure . Like people who put LaZat eating and put poison into it , so that people who eat dead peralahan .Allah Almighty says it means : " Soon will We beransur - ansur their laws from the direction that they did not know . And I give unto them a tough time . Actually , my plan was steadfast ( inna kaidi matin ) . " ( Surah al - Qalam verses 44-45 ) .The majority of commentators interpret ' inna kaidi matin ' ( my very firm plan ) , the point is every time they commit sin , then we will give favor to them . That's for people whose lives are just chasing pleasures of the world .Conversely , a very scared with the world of life , and his ascetic and warak , when the group left the holy angels , God's servants are very close to him , come get him headed to eternal forever namely that Allah heaven highest Heaven named Firdaus .Word of God means : " Happiness in the abode of the Hereafter We provide only for those who do not like to brag and do kerosakan on earth . And it's a good sequel is for those who fear Allah " . ( Surah al - Qasas verse 83 ) .Beloved companions ,Come together we make a life in this world as a battlefield for our charity and provide our preparation towards the netherworld . We may not be calm and happy when bringing bekalan berkualiti little and not too much if the journey towards nature barzakh and namely to the netherworld . Do not waste time , age , power and wealth that we have without us making bekalan resurfacing for us there , as it is what will be the exchange is pious deeds , deeds , deeds that we do in this world alone kerana eyes of Allah SWT . Meditate and act immediately without suspended again .