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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Islam Brings Peace "For All Natural"

Islam Brings Peace "For All Natural" In ancient times, people go through life with as they pleased, although often times what they were doing harm to others and even himself. When the man was still in the days of ignorance, where human beings still believe there is no god but Allah, and often engage in immoral acts like adultery.
In those days there were no rules (laws - laws) are good, so the damage and rampant crime where - where. Among the damage and evil that humans often do when it is: murder, theft, robbery, gambling, adultery and many others.
Damage and rampant crime has been committed by all the men at the time, ranging from farmers, traders, businessmen, community leaders to government officials, all have done the damage and evil, so that nobody else can fix the situation. They have been accustomed to a culture undergoing decay and crime, so they are more difficult to leave the bad habits and consequently human life when it gets messed up.
In the middle - the middle of the chaos was born a child of Arab descent that time, the child was called Muhammad by people - people around him. In his childhood, the child Muhammad have become accustomed to the conditions of deprivation, left mother and father, even her beloved grandfather went away leaving. In those days - the time of Muhammad small illiterate, live their lives independently, from herding sheep, being an employee, up to the adult to become an entrepreneur. At that moment Allah. show his power, Muhammad was illiterate appointed by Allah. as the prophets and apostles, to bring the gospel preaching grace (forgiveness) from Allah. and eject people from chaotic life because of damage and crime.
Various signs - a sign of the prophethood of Muhammad has emerged since he was a kid, until one day in the cave Hira ', he received the revelation (Qur'an) from Allah first. as prophetic signs have begun. Furthermore prophet Muhammad. still receive revelation - revelation (Qur'an) is the other, and all the revelation that he received into panduang for man to live a life, to get to safety and ridlo Allah.
At the beginning of the decline of the Qur'an, many people are still struggling to understand the content of the message - the message that is in the Qur'an, the Prophet Muhammad SAW. to explain through the word of his companions or humans who want mengetahi content of the message - the message in the Qur'an. Sayings (sunnah) of the Prophet Muhammad's companions serve as an explanation Koran. In the chaotic conditions of life at that time, the presence of the prophet Muhammad. a hope for mankind, obtain a better life according taught in the religion of Islam. The Qur'an and Sunnah as guidance for the safety of Islam. Every problem that arises in life, people refer to al quran islam and ask the prophet Muhammad, so get the best answer and beneficial to each problem.
Allah. is the one - the only substance that creates the world and its contents. Humans, animals, plants, inanimate objects and the jinns are creatures of Allah .. All creations creatures were created to live side by side with each task - each of which has been determined by Allah .. Allah has set the rules - the rules of life for all its inhabitants, all the rules contained in the Qur'an as the holy book of Islamic ummah. Each of the existing rules in the Qur'an brings goodness and deliver salvation to every creature which implement the rules - the rules correctly and confidently.
At the beginning of the spread of the religion of Islam a lot of obstacles and threats to halt the prophet Muhammad in Islam as a religion spread rahmatan lil alamin, and the condition that lasts until today. Islam religion islam teaches people to love all creatures of Allah .. In every activity of life Islam has always taught his flock to be fair, gentle and respect the rights - the right of the ummah or other creatures, it is a form of Islam as a religion of mercy for all the worlds. Many of the stories - stories that prove that Islam is a religion that give love to every creature. Start the story of a blind old Jewish beggar who is always insulting the prophet Muhammad, the prophet Muhammad but even beggars eat regular feed without the beggars know who to feed, until the story of a Bedouin who urinated in the mosque, and some companions of the Prophet wanted to stop and scold The Bedouin people, but the prophet Muhammad told his companions to wait for the completion Bedouin urinated and clean it and teach new people the Bedouin manners - manners in the mosque with a gentle manner. In a sorry tale of angels delivered the prophet Muhammad who always insulted and hurt by the infidels, so angelic prophet asked permission to raise one of the mountains and menimpakannya on the infidels who always insulted and hurt him, but the truly noble prophet Muhammad, he prohibit angels do and actually pray for people - the person to be sober. That part of the story - the story of the inspiration for us to always act with gentleness in each of our activities, as proof that Islam as a religion that brings mercy to all the worlds.
It was glorious ahlak - ahlak taught Islam, Islam teaches kindness and compassion in his community so that it becomes a mercy to all the worlds.


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