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Monday, November 4, 2013

mother message , "Reach for the happiness my son "

there was a mother who was seriously ill , doctors gave up . His son is full of tears welled accompany the mother, with full kesenyuman mother recalled , "Son , life is no longer the mother , the mother can not inherit the abundant treasures for you , mother deposited the three keys that smile of happiness , gratitude and affection . Son , use your smile to those who are injured . wear thanksgiving for what you 're facing and continue to use affection to live this life , with these three you will feel the beauty of life to your neighbor . " "Reach for the happiness kid .. " that's the message the mother .
My best friend , smile , gratitude and compassion is a form rahmatan lil alamin . With a smile then we open the path of good , break the ice , bandage the wounded heart , a sincere smile a positive impact on others as well as ourselves . Likewise, grateful , life becomes more beautiful with gratitude for the gift of God , grateful for the journey sweet , bitter life so that our lives become lighter and meaningful . Affection encapsulates all that is good , in love there is patience , sacrifice , generosity , repay hatred with kindness , patience and strong receiving the pain and hurt to gain the pleasure of Allah . Friend , yuk .. we do our best in our lives is always smiling , grateful and loving fellow , every day , throughout our lives .


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