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Monday, November 4, 2013

Live in this world and the Hereafter is Just As The Eternal Eternal

Praise be to Allah , the Lord of all the worlds . Blessings and greetings for the noble lord Prophet Muhammad SAW family and the friends and followers of the king obey constancy to the Day of Resurrection .God blessed companions ,How crowded human being delirious . How crowded human being broken . How crowded humans can not be grateful . Derhaka how crowded and treacherous human being . They forget the purpose of his life when in the world and only pursue pleasures of the world . Pursued world will end . Where humans live . Place adores human enjoyment . Everything becomes futile .Life in the world is a game and a joke . Sometimes win , sometimes lose . Thick and turns. Happy is a deceptive pleasure , sadly a temporary misery . That's called life in the mortal realm . Quite different from the true and eternal life in the hereafter . Whoever is happy, then he will be forever happy ( Ya Allah , we insert into this category ) . Whoever suffers , then he will suffer forever ( na'udzu billahi zalik min ) .The Quran mentions bahawa life in the world is no more just fooling around and joke alone :Word of God means : " And the life of this world , apart from playing games and sheer amusement . And indeed the abode of the Hereafter is better for those who fear Allah . Ye then no sense? " ( Surah Al - An'am verse 32 )His words that mean again : " And the life of this world but amusement and play . And verily, the Hereafter that is the real life , if they only knew . " ( Surah Al - Ankabut paragraph 64 )Word of God means : " The life of the world is but play and amusement . And if ye believe and fear Allah , Allah will give reward unto you, and He will not ask for wealth - wealth. " ( Surah Muhammad verse 36 )If you tasted hardships and face many Problems of living in this world , do not despair and disappointment kerana Allah SWT is dependent on the place and a place full of hope . Pray earnestly to Him .Said the Prophet Sallallahu ' Alaih Wa Sallam : "The prayer of one who is suffering ( deep sadness ) is : " O God , I hope your blessings , do not you have given all my business to myself though blink of an eye , correct all my affairs , there is no god worthy of worship besides you . " (Abu Dawud )Venerable companions ,In this life there are terraced on the pleasures of the world . Berlumba human - dolphin chasing , until exhausted , and he was exhausted , and his life fell , only directed pursue pleasures of the world . There's no real pleasure . Enjoyment of human wants in life is pleasure that everything is just an illusion . Delusion of human nature that has become his life just for pleasure and splendor .Know , verily the greatest pleasure and greatest , namely fully dirasai pleasure in the Hereafter. Hereafter pleasure that will bring slaves to the eternal glory . then , essentially a believer , do not pursue pleasures of the world , who do not have any benefits, but little sake only , compared to enjoy the same glory with Allah Azza Wa Jalla .There is no meaning kelazatan world of pleasure and its contents , which may make people forget and get drunk , so carried away with the life of the world . Human life that the world was already drunk , become prostrate , bow , and worship just to satisfy the pleasures of the world .Just the believers , who deserve a real pleasure , which will reward kerana dikurniakan by Allah the Lord of all worlds, was always flowing , when they are eating , drinking , dressing , sleeping , awake , and in perkahwinannya , and all their charity solely directed to His get subsides . Not looking subsides besides Him . Moreover , just wanted to get subsides to other humans , which can give pleasure world . That's not the essential nature of believers .Believers longing just to delight in the faith , worship , longing only to Allah Azza Wa Jalla . Behold , behold the pleasures of the world , it will always hereafter preclude someone get pleasure and even drove him to seksa hell . Man who thought his life to the pleasures of the world , eventually making possessions , rank , power , and creatures , as well as various forms of idols , god -like , into the direction and purpose of their lives . As if all that exists , is able to give pleasure to the man who is eternal . Therefore, when Hereafter they revile and blame each other .Allah SWT says in the Qur'an which means : " And their friends from among people say: 'Oh my God , we have each other to get pleasure , and now the time has been set for you we have come . ' God says . ' The Fire places you forever , except if Allah wills else . ' Verily , your Lord is All-Wise , All-Knowing . And thus did We make most of the people who do wrong it be a friend to others because what they earn . " ( Surah al - An'am verse 128-129 ) .The delights and pleasures of people who do evil and vile is istidraj ( gift than Allah in a state of anger Him ) , given by God Almighty so that they feel seksa heavier and they will be forbidden to taste the greatest pleasure . Like people who put LaZat eating and put poison into it , so that people who eat dead peralahan .Allah Almighty says it means : " Soon will We beransur - ansur their laws from the direction that they did not know . And I give unto them a tough time . Actually , my plan was steadfast ( inna kaidi matin ) . " ( Surah al - Qalam verses 44-45 ) .The majority of commentators interpret ' inna kaidi matin ' ( my very firm plan ) , the point is every time they commit sin , then we will give favor to them . That's for people whose lives are just chasing pleasures of the world .Conversely , a very scared with the world of life , and his ascetic and warak , when the group left the holy angels , God's servants are very close to him , come get him headed to eternal forever namely that Allah heaven highest Heaven named Firdaus .Word of God means : " Happiness in the abode of the Hereafter We provide only for those who do not like to brag and do kerosakan on earth . And it's a good sequel is for those who fear Allah " . ( Surah al - Qasas verse 83 ) .Beloved companions ,Come together we make a life in this world as a battlefield for our charity and provide our preparation towards the netherworld . We may not be calm and happy when bringing bekalan berkualiti little and not too much if the journey towards nature barzakh and namely to the netherworld . Do not waste time , age , power and wealth that we have without us making bekalan resurfacing for us there , as it is what will be the exchange is pious deeds , deeds , deeds that we do in this world alone kerana eyes of Allah SWT . Meditate and act immediately without suspended again .


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