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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sincere and honest in Islam

Sincere and honest version of Imam Alghozali r.a According to Imam al-Ghazali has a sincere nature, principles and perfection. Principle is the sincere intention, because the intention is there sincerity. While the purity of intention is sincere nature of any impurities that interfere. Perfection of sincerity is honesty. Ikhlas has three pillars, namely: intention, sincerity and honesty of intentions. The first pillar: Intention. Allah says: ولا تطرد الذين يدعون ربهم بالغداة والعشي يريدون وجهه. (الأنعام: 52) "And do not drive out the people who call their Lord in the morning and in the evening, while they mengehendaki His good pleasure.". Al-Ghazali argued that the essence of faith is the will that drives the power is born of knowledge. The explanation is that the entire work of a person is not valid without the strength, will and knowledge. Science moves the will. A willingness and motivation is the driving force and power tools, the means and the will to move the entire auxiliary organs. The intention is, or will a strong tendency that is a motivator for strength. If a charitable deed may be realized with the intention of encouragement, the intention and charity is a perfect worship. Intention is one of the two sides of worship, but is the best and most vital. Because charitable deeds with body organs will not be on target, but had influence in the liver, which tends to be on the good and away from evil. So think and dhikr able to deliver on the fun spirit and ma'rifat, which are both a factor for happiness in the afterlife. Thus, the purpose and intent of putting the forehead on the ground is not merely laying his forehead on the ground. However, submission liver, while the liver can be affected by the deeds of the body organs. The purpose of zakat is not to eliminate property rights, but to destroy humiliation miserly nature. Namely, cutting dependency careful with possessions. The purpose of slaughtering sacrificial animals is not flesh and blood but the heart with a sense of piety and raising glorify symbols-symbols of Allah. And intentions is a tendency on the good hearts. Whose main purpose is to affect the liver. Because that's all heart charity dhahirnya inherited influences, but not charity limbs. Limbs act without the presence of the liver is futile. Intentions have virtue, because that's where it resides core purpose and effect. Because of this, many-many intend in all deeds, even someone could donate one amaliah only with the intention that a lot. if the will and the love that's true, he will be instructed his way. For example, if one enters and dwells in the mosque are the hours, and it can be done with eight kinds of intentions: First, a person believes that the mosque is God's house (Baitullah). The person who enters the mosque came to see God meant and definitely intend to encounter God SWT.Kedua, intent to commit ourselves to Allah SWT. (Murabathah). The point is waiting for the prayer after praying before. Third, i'tikaf intentions. The point is to prevent hearing, vision and organs of the body moving i'tikaf habit is another form of fasting. Fourth, the intention to seclusion and leave all the busyness to ponder the afterlife, as well as how to prepare yourself to deal with it. Fifth, focus and listen to dhikr dhikr, or memperdengarkannya. Sixth, intends to practice the science, to give warning to people err when performing prayers, beramar ma'ruif forbidding the evil, and thus goodness is manifested with him. Seventh, leaving sins embarrassment to Allah. with the intention of doing good in themselves, words and deeds, so that people who felt ashamed to sin. Eighth, the brothers intend to take avail seakidah, because that was rnerupakan valuable savings for the life hereafter. The second pillar: sincerity of intentions According to Imam al-Ghazali, sincerity is the concentration of the motivation. His opponent is dualism. Namely dualism in motivation, so that every thing that has grown is always mixed with other elements. If free from any form of interference of other elements can be called pure. As described above, that it is the intention of driving. People do good without riya 'is called mukhlish. People who do good simply because God called mukhlash. However, there are special terms for both. Dissenter, for example, is a form of trend, but the trend in the context of sleaze. Sincere sense it could be lost anyway because the motives and other purposes. Fasting person is sometimes intended for protection, good health can be born with fasting. People who perform the Hajj worship may be aiming to be healthy with body movements in the journey. Or he ran away from family problems, or run away from persecution as a foe or saturation. People bathing with aromatic intend for. Beri'tikaf to lighten the burden of residence. He fasted to lighten the load to cook and buy food or visit the sick in order dijenguk well when sick. Such intentions and goals are sometimes loose and sometimes mixed-toss with the purpose of worship. If one of the purposes set forth in the terbesik in a charitable deed, it means sincerity extinct. This is something that is quite tough and difficult. The third pillar: honesty. Honesty is the perfection of sincerity. According to Imam Ghazzali there are six levels of honesty. People who reach the perfect degree of honesty worth mentioning as being totally honest, among others: First, be honest in word, in every situation, whether in relation to the past, present and future Secondly, honesty in intent. It was a purification, which leads to the good if it included a mix of other elements, means honesty to Allah. has vanished. Thirdly, honesty in determined. Someone may have had the determination to charity when blessed with sustenance. Also determined to do justice when endowed with power. But sometimes it is accompanied by indecision determination, but also a willingness round without hesitation. People who have a strong determination that round again referred to as a person who is really strong and honest. Fourth, meets determination. Often the soul is flooded with a strong will at first, but when stepping on the stage of implementation, can be weakened. Because it promises more determined easily, but when it became heavy in the implementation. Fifth, honesty in charity. Not express the inner things, except the mind itself that we are. That is, the need for harmony and balance between the physical and the spiritual. People walking quietly example, shows that his mind is full of peace. If it is not the case, which seeks to turn his heart to the man, as if his mind is full of peace, then it is riya '. Sixth, maqam-maqain honesty in religion. It is ranked the highest honesty. Such as fear maqam (khauf), hope (raja '), love (hub), pleasure, resignation and others. Throughout the maqam has a point of departure, the nature and peak end (climax). Because also stated, "This is the true fear (al-al-Shâdq Khauf)", and, "It is fun honest / true (al-Syahwah al-Sadiq). Here the levels of honesty. People who are able to make it happen Overall, he was the one who was really honest. People who have not been able to reach most rank honesty, according to his level of honesty that has been ranked levels reach. Among some justification honesty is the heart that Allah Ta'ala. was Grantor fortune, this is necessary remembered.


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