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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Peace of Heart And Mind

Peace of Heart And Mind
بسم االلهالرحمن اارحيم
The liver is the source of reasoning, the consideration, the growth of love and hate, faith and infidelity, repentance and stubborn, quietness and shock. Liver is also the source of happiness, if we are able to clean it. But instead a source of disaster if stigmatization. Activity is highly dependent body straight crooked heart. Abu Hurayrah Radhiallaahu anhu said, "The heart is the king, while the limbs are soldiers. If the king is good, it will be also good soldiers. If the king was bad, then the army will be bad anyway."


"Be good at saying when filled with piety, resignation, monotheism, and sincere to him in all the practice"
If there are no such properties, meaning the liver is damaged. Heart like a bird in a cage, like a seed in the petals, and like a treasure in a warehouse. He is like a bird that is not a cage, like a seed instead of petals, and such property is not the warehouse. Ya Allah busy with our limbs to obey you, borrow our hearts to recognize all of our lives day and night. We enter the class of pious people, as you give gifts to people - the former, we give sustenance to something which you have given them. Thou for us, as thou to them.

Sincere Heart, the Good IntentionsI believe if we do things with a sincere heart and good intentions, good results will come back to us, because the energy was so positive that we will have more and more out of it than it is in any condition "cheer up your hearts!" Never be sad."If you are rich. Cheer up your hearts! Because in front of you lies the opportunity for doing good deeds through your possessions."And if you are poor, precisely to please your hearts because you have separated from a mental illness, a disease that often affects the vanity of the rich. Cheer up your hearts because no one will envy and jealousy to you again, because of your poverty.""If thou forgotten, less famous, also the heart to please! Because the tongue is not much to reproach you, not a lot of taunting mouth"Noble and good heart are always getting exalted place in the eyes of God. Good heart to its owner to deliver a good and praiseworthy deeds. Rewarding good heart and the gift of God not only for the owner, but also for all mankind. It is true Messenger of Allah said, "Verily in the body there is a blood clot, if it's good, then let the whole body".Good heart not just the gift of God which is given to certain people only, but a good heart can also be obtained by training and education. One way to get a good heart are always open to communication and God's heart. God is the Essence of the Supreme Good, then anyone who is in constant communication kepdaNya will get radiant goodness. Hopefully we are given the gift of a good heart, and God always grant us beneficial knowledge which leads us to a conviction and eternal happiness, the world and the hereafterPurify your hearts and minds, we are not what we think, his belief is if we have good intentions then the result will be good, but it is sometimes good intentions we could produce something awful, but rest assured everything is simply - eye exams from him, as if - as if good results are being saved it in advance and will be returned to us at the moment we do not speculate.Intention of all human sourced from the heart, then run to the mind and then implemented by all members of the body, good mouth, hands, feet, and so when the source is clean then everything will be clean as well. Look ... so beautiful creations of Allah Subhanahu Wata'aala, with his breadth of knowledge and power in the organization of the Supreme to Him."O Allah, O Lord, we beseech Thee that we carefully purified of filth malice and envy, the tendency to evil and harsh revenge and hate the disease, and Instill a sense of love and compassion in our hearts, with the good and grace.O God O Lord, open to us up thy wisdom and bestow up our treasure Your grace, O God the Lord of Izzati more merciful compassion, add ilmuku and luaskanlah kefahamanku, O my Lord, my business Exert my chest and make it easy, take it pemohonanku Ya Rabb . Aamiin. . Aamiin .. Yes Rabbal 'alamiin


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